Earn Free Gifts Cards from InstaGC

There are a few sites I personally use to earn free gift cards online. They range from simply searching the win, special bonus points, searching the web, completing offers, and taking surveys. Today I have another one I want to tell you about.

You can earn free gift cards from InstaGC. To get started just sign up here and you will automatically get 10 points. This site appears very easy to earn enough for a gift card. I say that because you can redeem a $1 Amazon gift card for just 100 points!

With just a few clicks I got 17 points. With some more time and survey completions you can easily hit your $1 in minutes. From there it just depends on how much time you want to put in it.

Lots of people do this for gift giving, the holidays are coming up! Who couldn’t use some free money?

Click here to join now

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Pulstar Referral Reward Program and Sweepstakes

pulstar sweepstakes
This one is pretty cool, for each referral you get, you get an entry for the grand prize plus other prizes.

Enter here to win a trip for two to Sema Nov 6-8 with Al Unser Jr. After you enter grab your referral link and refer other people to the sweepstakes.

Refer 5 people – Get a free Pulstar Hat ($6.95 value)

Refer 10 people – Get a free Pulstar Fender Gripper ($40.00 value)

Refer 25 people – Get a free set of Pulstar Plugs (up to 10) ($160.00 value)

Refer 50+ people – Get a free Pulstar Pit Crew Shirt ($35.00 value)

The program ends September 30th!

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Free Shrek 4 Storybook

iStoryTime is an app you can read digital storybooks on. Right now they are offering one completely free!

Get a free Shrek 4 storybook. Go here and create an account. After you create an account you will get a promo code valid for a free download.

The banner above shows Smurfs, but it is for Shrek 4!

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Free Alaska Travel Guide

Update: So far I’ve gotten 2-3 different booklets from them. Pretty interesting!

This one pretty much speaks for itself!

Get a free Alaska Travel Guide. Usually these type of offers come with a little extra, so you may want to request it.

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Silk Almond Milk $1 Off Coupon + DailyBreak Points

Have you been playing the DailyBreak sweepstakes we have been posting? If so you should be racking up some points. Today we have another one to get you even more.

Head on over to DailyBreak for the Silk Almond Milk sweepstakes. You can get a $1 off coupon + a chance to win points. Those points can be redeemed for a chance to win even more prizes.

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Purina My CatChow Perks

my cat chow perks

Purina has a program you can earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

Join the Purina My CatChow Perks program to get started
. You can earn points by filling out your profile, following them on social media, entering proofs of purchase and more.

The prizes range from a free bag of cat food to other things like a blanket, bowl, yoga mat, and more.

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Smiley360 New Missions

Update: Some people are qualifying for a free Chia tea and more!

Smiley360.com is another website that provides free samples for your product “reviews” and opinions. The more you do the better chance you have to get accepted. I try to apply to almost everything that becomes available.

Join Smiley360.com and complete your profile. This will assure you more chances at products.

Do you have any missions available to you?

Click here to join

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TLC Vision Free Info Kit

Are you considering getting Lasik?

Sign up for a TLC Vision free info kit. They are also offering a savings of $400 on Lasik!

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Free Sample of Loreal Paris Hair Care

Get a free sample of Loreal Paris Advanced Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Click this link and fill out the form. I already had an account so I just needed to login.

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Free Sample of Cesar Canine Cuisine

Cesar Canine Cuisine
If you have a dog or know someone who does check this one out.

Get a free sample of Cesar Canine Cuisine. Click here and fill out the form for you or a friend.

Available while supplies last. Limit one per household. Available to US residents only. Allow 6-8 weeks for sample deliver.

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Veggin’ in LA with Laura Marano Sweepstakes

veggin sweeps
Enter up to 10 times daily to win a trip to LA to meet Laura Marano. You can text the word VEGGIES to 347639 to enter or click here.

Must be 6-18 or parent/legal guardian of eligible child and resident of the US.

This one ends 9/24 so you have some time to get your daily entries in!

If you want to try your luck on other sweepstakes we have a list of instant win games you can play!

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30 Days Free at Curves

Curves centers offer a 30 minute total body workout for woman. They offer different workouts to give you a workout in just 30 minutes.

Join now and get 30 days free at Curves. Fill out your name and information to get started.

Valid for new members only.

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