Marlboro Countdown to Summer Sweepstakes

Marlboro has my favorite instant win/sweepstakes.

Enter weekly to win prizes from Marlboro
. You should be able to click here and register/login to your account. Today is the first day you can pick a prize to try to win.

Good luck and post if you win!

marlboro countdown to summer

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Free Gift from Weather Channel

the weather channel

To help spread the news that The Weather Channel is back on DIRECTV on channel 362 they are offering a free gift.

Get a free gift from the Weather Channel
. Simply click here and fill out your information.

They do not state what the free gift is, but hopefully it’s good!

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Free Sample of Tide+

tide plus

I haven’t heard of this yet, but that’s what free samples are for!

Get a free sample of the new Tide+. There are currently 3 samples to choose from. To get started just click here and choose the one you would like to try.

Fill out your name and info and it will be on the way!

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Free Sample of Seattle’s Best Coffee

seattles best coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is offering up another free sample!

Get a free sample of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Visit their Facebook page and simply enter in your name and address.

The sample is 0.71oz of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Available while supplies last (150,000).

Allow 6-8 weeks for your sample to arrive.

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Earn Free Stuff from Liquid Ice

You can earn free stuff from Liquid Ice for completing different tasks.

Earn free stuff like t-shirts, hats, drinks, bottle openers and more. Within a few minutes I had enough for a beanie, shirt, towel, or stickers.

To get started click here, login/register, and complete tasks. It ranges from different things like retweeting and posting to Facebook.

liquid ice

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Free PinchMe Sample Box


This one is new to me, just finished signing up and ordering!

Get a free sample box from PinchMe. Click here and then click sign up now. After you create an account you can pick items to order.

After you add the items checkout and enter in your shipping address.

I also had to verify my account with my cell phone number.

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Free Sample of Purina ONE beyOnd

purina one beyond

Purina has been offering free pet samples for a while, now they have a new offer going.

Get a free sample of Purina ONE beyOnd pet food. Click this link and wait for the 2nd image to appear. You can click on that to go to the free sample form.

It is from Sams Club, but membership IS NOT required for this one. I didn’t put in a number and it went through for me

Available while supplies last, allow about 4 weeks for delivery.

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Weddington Way Dress Giveaway

Weddington Way has launched a new line of dresses. They are so excited about this new collection that they are giving away a FREE dress!

One lucky bride-to-be can win one of these 6 new and exclusive dresses, in the style and color of her choice.

Click here to enter for your chance to win.

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Free Sample of NIVEA Lotion

NIVEA has another free sample you can request.

Get a free sample of NIVEA lotion. You can choose between smooth sensation extended or long lasting moisture.

Click here and like the page if you haven’t already. After you watch the short video you can choose your sample and fill out the form.

Your free sample and coupon should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

nivea lotion sample

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$5 Amazon Credit for New Members

Right now Amazon Local is offering $5 credit to all new users. Create a new account, go the menu drop down and select payment methods.

Just type in the code SPRING05 and your account will automatically be credited $5!

This is a great way to score some nice deals!

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Free Earbuds from Black and Mild

free earbuds

Today we have a hot freebie we haven’t shared yet!

Get free earbuds from Black and Mild. Login or register and go to your “my Black&Mild”. Scroll down and you should see how to claim your free gift.

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Free Sample of Prilosec OTC


Prilosec OTC® provides all-day, all-night protection against frequent heartburn. That’s zero heartburn for 24 hours with just one pill a day.*
With Prilosec OTC®, you won’t get frequent heartburn in the first place. One pill a day. 24 hours. Zero heartburn.*
With just one Prilosec OTC® pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn before it begins for a full 24 hours with zero heartburn. So you can get through the day – and rest at night – without the worry of heartburn flare-ups on your mind.*

Answer a few questions to see if you “qualify” for a free sample of Prilosec OTC.

If you answer that if you get a heartburn etc you should qualify. You must also CONFIRM your email address in order to receive the free sample.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Available to U.S. residents only. Limit one sample per household.

Click here to sign-up

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