10 Free Catch A Character Codes


This morning we posted about Catch A Character codes on Momdot. They had 10 codes available and after we posted about it, they went fast.

Steven at Catch A Character offered us an additional 10 codes to giveaway. The codes are redeemable at CatchaCharacter.com.

Basically you can take any image and add characters like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Cupid. This is perfect thing to put together for Easter. Maybe customize a picture of your sleeping child and put in a picture of the Easter Bunny.

As the codes get used, I will put a strike through them. Please use only one:

All Gone!

Code 1: E63A5-DC6CD-D7A07-7FBF2-CFE9E
Code 2: E8C20-61793-99E50-A64B2-F11E7
Code 3: ED1A8-C753B-C0C3C-E3687-172C9
Code 4: E6417-29E49-AB8C0-43BA0-9CD35
Code 5: E7E37-A3554-D49BD-EEDAF-74D9E
Code 6: EE0B2-30C2A-87784-ED414-A7F44
Code 7: E18E2-EA23B-CD1A0-87970-792C7
Code 8: EF3EF-D1B9A-060ED-69F43-872D4
Code 9: E9FE9-27959-A3A7F-0E34A-4879E
Code 10: E3629-71F84-73B30-390E2-4CF68

If you miss those codes you can use ICaughtTheEasterBunny.com coupon code BunnyEgg to save 50%. That coupon code is valid all the way through April 30th, 2010.

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