10 Redbox Movie Rental Giveaway


Last weekend I gave out the last of our free movie rental codes from Redbox. However, I just got another 20 to giveaway for the month!!

I’ve been able to catch up on a few new movie releases lately. I saw Hot Tub Time Machine (it was okay), The Bounty Hunter (yawn) and She’s Out Of My League (I liked it!).

I haven’t seen a few of the other popular releases out. Below you can find the most popular Redbox movies from July 26th through August 1st.

  1. Hot Tub Time Machine
  2. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
  3. The Bounty Hunter
  4. Green Zone
  5. The Book of Eli
  6. Brooklyn’s Finest
  7. The Crazies
  8. The Runaways
  9. Chloe
  10. She’s Out of My League

Don’t forget that Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Kick Ass also came out today.

Find a Redbox location near you! I’ve noticed a lot more locations around me!

Free Movie Rental Giveaway

Today we are giving away TEN free movie rentals!

To enter: Simply comment below about which top Redbox movie you would like to see for free.

Ten winners will be chosen at random. Comments will be closed at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday August 4th, 2010.

Your movie rental code will be sent via email if you win.

The codes are one time use only and expire on September 30th, so it should give the winners plenty of time to use them.

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