12 Days of Whataburger Coupons


Last year Whataburger did their 12 days of free food. This year they are at it again!

Below you can find a list of each day they are offering food.

Day 1: Free Taquito – Valid Dec 1st from 6-10am only.
Day 2: Free medium onion rings – Valid Dec 3rd only.
Day 3: Free Dr Pepper – Valid Dec 5th only.
Day 4: Free Chicken Strips – Valid Dec 7th only, from 2-5pm.
Day 5: Free Breakfast on a Bun – Valid Dec 9th from 6-10am

There will be a free food coupon valid every other day until December 23rd, 2010. It could be anything from a shake, to French fries, to a free Whataburger.

There aren’t any Whatabugers in California, but they are located throughout the US. Use their store locator to find one near you.

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