12 Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Free Samples


This was a pretty clever topic started by Liz Egbert on our Facebook wall. I took hers, added a few as well as some other people added theirs. How many of those do you fit into?

1. You talk to the people on Free Samples facebook page more than you do on your own wall (or even in person!)

2. Your day revolves around when the mail man gets there.

3. You have dreams about freebies.

4. You get all worked up over free sample error pages or freebie fails.

5. Your house is strewn with wrappers, mailers, and coupons.

6. The UPS/Fed Ex person knows you by name even if they aren’t delivering a package to you that day.

7. You feel like someone stole your mail when your mailbox is empty.

8. You start requesting free samples for OTHER people.

9. You have free samples on items in case you run out of something.

10. Your family members know that when a sample comes in the mail under their name it really is for you not them.

11. When your family says they are “going shopping”, it means they are going to your bedroom to get some free samples.

12. Everything you gave as Christmas presents came from freebies or wins!

How did you realize you were addicted to free samples?

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