Mystery Boxes from Graveyard Mall

mystery box

I’ve received my “As Seen On TV” mystery box in the past and it was great. They are offering up a different one now.

Get a Custom Mystery Box from Graveyard Mall for $29.99.

Go ahead and tell us who you are. The more we know the better your box can be… Include things like age, sex, clothing size, hobbies. Include things you like, things you don’t like, do you have a dog and what kind or if you prefer put something like “random gifts for other people”.

Also, at this time, we have a good amount of iPhone & iPad accessories. If you’d like these included let us know you have an iPhone or iPad and what model you have.

The mystery box guarantees satisfaction and limited to one box per household. Make sure to order your box now! Shipping is $6.99.

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