2013 Ultimate Wedding Contest

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    Elli Deters says:

    My husband and I were married 6 and a half years ago, June 10, 2006. All of Dan’s siblings were in the wedding party along with my sister and my two young sons from a previous relationship. We all together decorated the church and gymnasium for our reception. In between the wedding and reception we went to Forest Park for pictures and downtown St. Louis for pictures in front of Busch Stadium. My youngest son, age 10, at the time got a camcorder as his gift for being apart of the big day and he filmed a lot of our day, it is nice to have a video from his prospective. On our way back to the gymnasium we stopped at Ted Drews for Ice Cream and they refused payment and provided ice cream to our entire wedding party! At our reception my oldest son (age 13), received a new guitar for being a part of the wedding party and we had him take center stage with his new guitar and he performed not only our wedding party song but our first dance song as well. And again his younger brother filmed it. We also wanted to include all of the children who attended the reception so, we had a teddy bar toss for all the kids and gave them all glow sticks… then we all danced with our teddy bears! Our evening ended outside with a thunder storm rolling in and my husband closed our wedding video with a kiss just as lightening rolled across the sky. We had a great special day that is unique memories. We loved our day and our day celebrating not only as a couple but as a family! Great, great memories!

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