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Donors Choose

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Throughout this next week I would like to have a promotion everyday as a thank you. I’ve got a few $5 Amazon gift cards we’ve earned from Swagbucks, as well as some new contest sponsors we are going to roll out.

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Donor’s Choose

Stephanie Meadows wins

We got a great gift card that I think would be great to give away. Have you ever heard of DonorsChoose.org? I’m new to the concept, but basically you can give to a classroom project idea.

You can view classrooms in need, and if you are a teacher you can request $ for a project you would like to do.

For example, a lot of the classrooms I am looking through are asking for computers. It looks like HP is teaming up with them, giving them a deal for a few.

Today I am giving away a $25 gift card code, so you get to choose which project you want to donate to. The ones I personally like are the ones asking for BOOKS rather than computers.


To enter just tell me what you think of the idea, any projects stand out, or anything else going on with you.

Please consider voting for Charlotte as well, some people did on Facebook last week. The contest is wrapping up and there is only a few days left. You can vote per email once per day.

If you are looking for votes in a contest feel free to link them below so we can vote for you too!

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