$4 Body Spray Gift Sets at Walmart

The $5 fragrance gift sets at Walmart were a big hit, so I thought you might be interested in these $4 gift sets.

Nestle Magnetic Locker Lip Balms $3.00 – Laffy Taffy sour apple,  Fun Dip tropical watermelon and tropical strawberry,  Laffy Taffy grape,  Nerds grape and strawberry

Great Stocking Stuffer Fragrance Gift Sets

1. Parfums De Coeur Body Fantasies Gift Set $4.00 – 1.7 oz  fragrance body sprays: Sexiest Fantasies Sexiest Musk, Fresh White Musk and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

2. BOD Man Fragrance Body Spray Trio Gift Set $4.00 – 1.8 oz body sprays: BOD Man Abs, Musk and Black.

3. Designer Imposters His Sexiest Designers Trio Gift Set $4.00 – Bring It, New York Nights and Smokin’ Hot.

4. Parfums De Couer Designer Imposters Capri Breeze Body Spray Gift Set $4.00

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