5 $5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Search & Win

Every week I was giving away Amazon.com gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks. However when I selected the winners and sent them emails, I never heard back from them. I had one contest that I had 4 winners and no one responded. It’s time consuming to keep up with open contests, so I closed it and kept them.

I’m giving it another shot!

Since I haven’t done a giveaway for the Amazon cards in a while, I will do 5 winners of $5 each!

To Enter: Comment below on how you spread the word about our Facebook page and website. Maybe you sent them invitations, wrote about us on your wall, tweeted, emailed, or whatever.

I’d love to hit 25,000 fans as soon as possible, so right when we hit 25,000, this contest will close and the winners will be chosen. The faster we get there, the better chance you have to win right?

Next weekend we will be doing our “like” contest, so also keep that in mind, there will be more chances to win if you don’t on this one!

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