$5 Bonus to Giving Assistant

giving assisstant

Giving Assistant is a cash back site that offers 5% cash back at sites like Amazon as well as cash rebates at a variety of other stores. Most don’t give that much for Amazon!

Sign up to Giving Assistant and get a $5 bonus. To cashout you just need to earn at least $0.01, basically meaning you just need to place one order. If you refer people using your link after you sign up you can also get a $5 bonus when your friend earns at least $0.01 cash back too.

I bought a friend a LEGO set for $22. By using Giving Assistant I was able to get $6.11 back! $5 for signing up and getting a cash back purchase and $1.11 for the product itself. If you wanted you could buy a $5 gift card then use the gift card on a purchase. That would allow you to get cash back twice!

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