A Sea of Freebies: Swimming in the igaming World


Here at itsallfreeonline.com we love getting something for nothing, especially if that something means we can win a truckload of cash. When you take a peek into the world of online casinos, bingo and lotteries, there’s one thing that sticks out beyond the carrot of opportunity and that’s freebies.

In an effort to entice players into their virtual vaults to start playing, online gaming operators enjoy giving away free cash. Often presented in the form of bonuses, these rewards are usually reserved for new players. However, the beautiful things about these offers is that you can claim more than one.

Every online site will have its own deals and, as long as you’re creating your first account, you can visit as many as you wish and claim some free cash. Of course, before you dive into the igaming world and start picking out freebies, you’ll need to know what you are looking for. Fortunately, we’ve been there and tested the latest deals. And here is a snapshot of what they include:

Non-deposit offers – These free bonuses are given to players when they create an account at an online casino.

Deposit Bonuses – Similar to non-deposit bonuses, deposit deals are given to players after they make their first transaction with a site. This bonus is usually a multiple of the deposit amount.

Bonus Tickets – At online poker rooms, bingo sites and lottery outlets, it’s possible to get discounted entry to events. For example, discount lottery tickets can be collected and then used to roll the dice for less than usual.

VIP Rewards – Once you’re a member of a site, it’s possible to get freebies in the form of VIP rewards (similar to comps in Las Vegas). Given to players based on the amount they play, these gifts represent a great way to accrue an ongoing sea of bonuses.

Overall, when it comes to getting something extra, the online gaming world represents a bevy of opportunities. Regardless of whether you know how to play or not, you can bank some free cash if you’re prepared to fill in a few simple details.

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