Amazon Ranch CornNuts Deal

corn nuts

Recently I mentioned the popchips deal in which I took advantage of. Some flavors are better than others, but it’s a great way to snack. Recently I took advantage of another offer on Amazon, it’s not a huge bargain, but it saves money.

I love ranch flavor food. From Doritos, to sunflower seeds, corn nuts, and the rest. However for some reason lately in my area, I can’t find these items! So I have to go to convenience stores to find them, and generally pay an extra $0.50 per item.

Instead I ordered a package of Cornnuts Ranch, 4-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) online. It comes in a pack of 12, and after getting the 20% off for doing the “subscribe” feature (which you can cancel after you receive it) I paid $11.36 (less than $1 per pack). My local store charges $1.50 per pack, so in the end I saved money.

With my free shipping, I ended up saving nearly $7 just by ordering online! What items do you order online to save money?

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