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I asked our Facebook group how many people would be interested in a giveaway for a quit smoking products. The response was HUGE! In under 24 hours we had nearly 400 likes on the update and almost 250 comments! I am so happy to be able to offer this in partnership with Aqua-tine®!

Obviously this is a huge interest with our readers and I will continue to try to help with this. I know how hard it can be to try to quit smoking but it’s great there are so many new methods, tools, and resources to use to make it at least a little bit easier.

I have never been a smoker, but growing up my parents were. When my nephew was born we visited my sister. They weren’t smokers so she didn’t smoke the entire trip. When we went back home she was able to break her routine and stop COLD turkey. She never smoked again.

My dad however tried to quit tons of times and was never able to kick the habit. He tried all different methods but was never successful. I’ve witnessed how difficult it can be. Unfortunately when he was trying I don’t think Aqua-tine was available or he didn’t use it. Regardless hopefully you will!

Partnering with Aqua-tine® we are able to provide a coupon code AND a giveaway. Please consider sharing this with anyone you know who is looking to stop smoking.


Aqua-tine® is a small 2.4ml packet of homeopathic liquid nicotine formulation. It is colorless, virtually tasteless, and basically designed to temporarily relieve tobacco cravings. Instead of having a cigarette you can use this.

To use it mix the packet into your drink of choice when you need it. Up to two packets per hour and not recommended if you are smoking etc.

It’s FDA approved and doesn’t have the harmful tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes.

What I found the most interesting is that it only contains THREE ingredients in the product.

Purchasing Aqua-tine

The Aqua-tine 12-pack is SOLD OUT but we were able to get a coupon code for the 40 pack.

If you are interested in buying Aqua-tine you can now receive 25% off the Aqua-tine 40-pack (reg. $24.95).

At checkout use coupon code AQUATINE25OFF for your discount.


Aqua-tine has given me a 12-pack to give away to one lucky reader. Hopefully if we get a great response we can do this again and give away even more!

To enter just comment below why you want to win a free 12-pack of Aqua-tine®.

For an additional entry you can share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social media network you like. Once you do so just share the URL of the post.

If you are doing both entries please put TWO comments so your bonus entry counts.

The contest will be closed October 15th and the winner selected and emailed October 16th. Make sure to leave a valid email, that is how you will be notified. Only US residents may enter.

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