Awesome Halloween Chocolate at Chi Chocolat

When my son has holiday or events it’s always fun to do something unique. My mom was always like that with my school events, birthdays, or team sports. She would make cupcake cones. Since I can’t do that, I try to find other things to do.

For my sons 5th birthday at school this year instead of doing a regular ole cake, or a box of cupcakes we ordered a cupcake cake which was a huge hit.

Today was another event that we were able to do something different with. Our friends at Chi Chocolat, gave us a great deal on their chocolates. We were able to get enough chocolates for his class in fun different Halloween shapes.

Here are a few pics of what they are. The two pics I took in the kitchen, obviously the Pumpkin one is my favorite! My brother took the two other pictures at the shop for me.



Mummy Lollipop

RIP Lollipop

The chocolate pops are available for $1.50 each at Chi Chocolat. If you live in San Diego or near there, you should go check them out at:

2690 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego CA 92106

If you visit their website they mention the “Friday Night Liberty” event they had. Ms. Free Samples and I were able to attend and enjoy their delicious chocolate. The chocolate pretzels were definitely my favorite! I am guilty of eating a bag to myself.

Call in (619-546-0650) and make an order and tell them Its All Free Online sent you!

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