$10 Bonus from BILLSHARK Bill Savings Service


Update: Billshark wasn’t able to help me save on my phone monthly bill, however they managed to get a $20 loyalty credit added to my account FREE!

BILLSHARK is service that helps you lower your monthly bills on your satellite tv, phone, internet, cable, and more. It’s very easy to use also.

Simply send them a photo of your bill or the PDF and they will get to work. I had them look into my internet bill but they said I was already getting the best rate.

BILLSHARK charges a fee based on 40% of your savings, and you ONLY pay fees if BILLSHARK saves you money, so if you save $100, your fee will be $40.

If you join now you can get a $10 BILLSHARK bonus.

I have them looking into my mobile phone bill now.


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