Black Friday Deals – Flat Screen TVs


I figured I would start out our series of Black Friday deals with one of the most desired Black Friday products. Flat Screen TVs.

There are a few stores offering deals, below is a list of the best deals on tvs. I did find that Sears has a lot listed, but not very good prices comparatively.

32″ Emerson – Walmart once again leads the back with the cheapest 32″ TV listed at $198. I wouldn’t imagine this will be in stock long at any location.

32″ Samsung – If you are looking for a ‘name brand’ model, the 32″ Samsung seems to be the best value. Target has it the cheapest at $327, but Kmart, Target and Best Buy all have it for $329.

40″ Westinghouse – Getting a little bit bigger you can score a 40″ TV for just $298 at Target.


40″ Sony – If you want to go with a name brand, you can get a 40″ Sony at Kmart and Sears for $549.

42″ Insignia – Best Buy seems to be the best place overall for TVs this year. You can get a 42″ Insignia for $369.99.

46″ Apex – 2 of the 3 TVs Target has on sale made our list. You can get a 46″ Apex TV for just $449. To give you an idea of the deal on this. About 14 months ago I bought a 32″ Sony Bravia for $450…

46″ Sony – This one seems like the best name brand buy to me. However checking the prices that are listed now, it’s not that much of a discount. On Black Friday you can pick this one up for $698 at Walmart, Sears and Best Buy. However Walmart has the Sony listed at $763 right now.

46″ Samsung – If you prefer Samsung, both Best Buy and Walmart are offering this one for $797.

55″ Toshiba – Last but not least it looks like this is the biggest one I could find under $1000. Grab this 55″ at $969 at Best Buy.

Are you going to be getting any of these this year? Which one caught your eye?

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