Blue Star Ointment Announcement

blue star ointment

Ever since getting this event set into motion I’ve been very excited. On Thursday I mentioned we had been working about 6 hours to get everything packaged and ready to go.

Our team of 3 1/2 people worked hard from 4-10pm. Yes ‘Free Samples JR‘ insisted on putting on stamps, but he was compensated fairly.

A huge thank you to Blue Star Ointment for sending me the samples, coupons, and shipping labels! Lets show them a great ‘event’ and convince them to send us more to giveaway!

Their social media pages could use some love so go visit them on Facebook and Twitter and leave them a message. I think Kathryn Young runs their pages, who has been so great with this whole campaign.

Another huge thank you to Julie (Ms Free Samples sister) for doing a majority of the work.

The Sampling Event

Here is the Big Announcement! On Monday, November 1st, our form will go live! Make sure to visit our page at 3pm EST to sign up for the free sample.

Depending on the volume we receive I plan on leaving the form live for the rest of the day. Quantities are limited and I honestly won’t know what I have until we send them out.

I thought the best way may be to “randomize” the people who get them, instead of first come first serve. What do you think?

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