Books, eBooks, and Music Freebie Round-Up

We’ve been seeing a lot of free eBooks and music lately, so we though it would be a good time to do a round-up of what’s currently available.


There are quite a few Valentine’s Day related ebooks and mp3’s available right now, and we’ve listed them all in our Valentine’s Day Freebie Round-Up.

Free Kindle eBooks – Amazon offers thousands of Kindle eBooks for completely free!  Check back often as they are always adding more.

Free Online Guitar Lessons from Gibson – Gibson is offering free online guitar lessons. A new lesson released every Thursday.

44 Free Smashing Pumpkins Songs – The Smashing Pumpkins will be offering a total of 44 FREE song downloads. Keep checking back for more song downloads released constantly on the site linked. Click ‘Download Song’ to download one track or download all of them.

Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite For Destruction – iTunes is allowing visitors to download Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite For Destruction for free. Visit the linked page to download it for free.

Download Free Music from Gureva – Guvera offers free download daily. Click the artists your interested in & click the ‘Download’ lnik to start downloading your favorite music for free from Guvera.

Sister Hazel 11411 MP3 Album Download – Amazon is offering an exclusive Sister Hazel 11411 MP3 album download. Visit the page linked to download any of the songs from this album.

21 Great Songs from the 60’s and 70’s – X5 is offering 21 Great Songs from the 60’s and 70’s (Best of AM Radio). Just enter your email address & the track list will be sent toy our email address. The track list is also located under the sign up box.

Huey Lewis And The News Respect Yourself – Amazon is offering a free MP3 download of Huey Lewis And The News Respect Yourself. Visit the linked page for your free song download.

Download up to 35 Tracks Free Every Month – Each month, the Music Alliance Pact – a group of 35 music blogs from around the world – simultaneously post tracks chosen by each blog. Each month you can download up to 35 tracks for free.

Free Download of Graham Greene’s Book Brighton Rock – Just click on the link on their website to download a free copy of Graham Greene’s “Brighton Rock”.

GreenSeas Recipes for Under $10 – Download your free 24 page GreenSeas recipe book! GreenSeas Nutritious Recipes for Under $10 features recipes and ideas that are all under $10.  Allow a little time for book to fully download.

Heinz Golden Circle Beetroot Cookbook – Get your free 11 page downloadable Heinz Golden Circle Beetroot magic cookbook. Click the link & allow a little time for file to download.

Raw Truth: How to Eat, Supplement, & Live Raw – Raw Truth has 16 educational and inspirational chapters detailing how to Eat, Supplement and Live RAW. Download a copy of the book for free!

Play, Create, or Listen to Nature Sounds – Use this free tool to play nature sounds on headphones while reading or meditating or just for fun.

100 Things to do with Your Grandkids – is offering a free downloadable eBook guide called 100 Free Things to Do With Your Grandkids. Visit the linked page to download this free eBook.

Mailed to you:

Lysol Looking After You & Your Baby – Order a free Lysol Looking After You and Your Baby booklet. scroll down & request a free mailed copy or view it online.

SeaPak Easy Seafood Meals Recipe Book– Sign up to have your FREE Seafood Meals recipe book from SeaPak mailed to you.

Kitchen Basics New 2010 Recipe Booklet – Sign up to have the “Healthy Cooking with Stock 1st Edition” booklet mailed to you!

Stop Bullying Now Campaign DVD Toolkit & Guide – Free for parents, educators, and health professionals.

Dads & Daughters Book– Family Talk is allowing users to order a free copy of the book Dads & Daughters By Dr. James Dobson. Simply fill out the form to have a copy of this helpful book mailed to you, completely free!

Pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence– Claim a free copy of the Pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Add it to your cart & checkout. The first copy is free any additonal copies cost $1.

Risky Behaviors DVD for Keeping Kids Safe – Learn about ‘The Choking Game’, ‘EMO’, RX drug abuse and teen brain development. Advice and tips on keeping teens safe from experts and parents. Please complete & submit the form to claim yours.

World’s Last Chance 4 Volume Book Set – WLC is offering new registrants a chance to get WLC 4 volume book set for free – even free s&h! Just register and create an account & be sure to verify via an email confirmation link.

Adventures in Parenting Booklet – Get a free 62 page Adventures In Parenting Booklet. This booklet gives parents the tools they need to make their own decisions about successful parenting. Add the item to your cart & complete the checkout process.

Book Smart & Get Things Done – Sign up for the Get Things Done newsletter & receive a free copy of the book Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky’s Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent.

Free Demo CD from Rosetta Stone – Request a free demo CD from Rosetta Stone. Please complete the form and submit to claim your free Rosetta Stone Demo CD. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Mountain Air DVD “Escape to Higher Ground” – To receive a complimentary copy of this exclusive DVD, complete the following form.

~By Shannon Mooney

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