Bower Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Deal

I remember getting my first speaker that connected to my phone and it was huge. It made it more difficult to be portable as well as finding space for it. My apartment is cluttered enough.

Now you can great speakers with great sound and at a much smaller size!

Bower sent me their speaker to check out and its very easy to use out of the box. It took me literally a minute to have it ready and working right away. Id recommend charging it up first, but I have to test it out right away.

Simply turn on the speaker, make sure the Bluetooth on your phone, tablet or other device is enabled, sync it, and you are ready to go! It even has a convenient suction mount.

I was thinking how do I display a picture of a speaker. You can’t really see it being “used”. All of a sudden it made sense. Whenever I am cleaning I put on music. It seems to go by a lot faster. Looking around in the kitchen I found the perfect spot for my new speaker!

Bower Anywhere Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Coupon Code

If you aren’t sure what to buy the people on your list this holiday season this is a pretty great idea. Of course I will save you money on your purchase as well.

Bower is offering a buy one get one free offer. Choose between black or pink and add two to your cart.

Use our exclusive coupon code ITSALLFREEONLINE to get the BOGO deal. You will get two speakers for $24.99.

If you just want to buy one, the coupon code will take 50% off. The speaker will drop down to just $12.49 shipped

The coupon code expires December 16th.

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