Brilliant Bicycle Referral Program Scam

bicycle sign

Do not give a company scamming potential customers your business, I can not give them a positive review!

I try to make sure that everything is legit when I share it with my readers. However it’s hard to and sometimes certain companies don’t pay out or deliver as promised. The most recent for me is from the Brilliant Bicycle referral program.

I received an email on March 23rd I was “disqualified” from their program and would not receive the bicycle even though I had 123 referral (needed 99).

During the program I even logged in to check and it stated “congratulations you won a free bicycle”.

free bike winner

So I then followed up with them and received an email that my “final valid email count” apparently was 90. Hmmm 9 short of what I needed?

I spent money to promote my referral link on Facebook and I am sure sent them tons of people who then turned around and referred people.

If you were scammed out of a prize from them I personally apologize!

Note: I commented on their Facebook page and another person responded to my complaint.

Kelly Farnan They did the same to me and I had over 100. Claimed my emails were fake. I asked for those emails, got responses, and sent screenshots to them for proof that the emails were valid and active. They claim that it didn’t matter because their system said I was fraudulent. The staff member even said…In good faith we will give you $100 off even though we think you you attempted to trick our system. Total scam! I hate when new companies think that it is okay to start off their business like this. Especially when honest people are faulted for it!

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