Cabo Dog Review and Giveaway

I am always looking for cute things to spoil Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear with, I came across Cabo Dog Pet Boutique and fell in LOVE with their Wrought Iron Cat Fish Pet Feeder I just HAD to have it for Fuzzy!

They decided to send it to me for a review and I was so excited!

Isnt this seriously just adorable?

I received the feeder in Silver and 3/1/2 inches tall with a 1/4 pint and a 1/2 pint bowl.

I originally intended for one to be food and one be water, but of course my cat is a brat (what cat isnt?)  and decides she wants to put her food in her water!

The bowls are dish washer safe, how ever I was them by hand because I don’t have a dish washer and are VERY easy to keep clean! I just wipe down the fish body with a damp cloth and any food residue comes right off!

I have found my cat really loves this dish, she eats out of it every day and if I try and feed her food in any other dish she wont eat it(I think she likes the fact that it is raised).

Don’t have a cat?

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Here is a picture of Fuzzy


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