Can’t Catch A Break – Removed from Amazon Associates

I’ve had a string of bad luck lately. Not only were we removed from Top Mommy Blogs, but also our Amazon referral account was canceled.

I have reviewed your account and confirmed that the decision to close your Associates account is final. Because this decision is final, further requests to review your account for reinstatement will not receive a response.

As you know we do loads of stuff here for giveaways and more. I spend hours each week reaching out to companies, asking for more giveaways, and securing more units. I tend to work out giveaway posts in a different way, to try and get more prizes, more winners, and more $ for people to win.

Therefore some sites, like Amazon, I use my referral link to earn a bit extra money. This can go for giveaways, reimbursement for gift cards, or gifts for friends and family (and our freebie family!).

Unfortunately I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks fighting to get my Amazon affiliate account reinstated with no luck. It was removed without noticed, then finally addressed. They still will not tell me WHY it was removed, just that they will not be paying me commission that I should of earned and was pending.

This has affected some of our deal posts, but they will be coming back.

If you are ordering on Amazon, please consider using this link to to purchase whatever items you are looking to buy. This hopefully should get us back on track and where we left off!

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