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Free Sample of JavaMoji KCups

These ones are always popular, I doubt it will last long. Get a free smaple of JavaMoji KCups. Click here and fill out your information. Shipping is free and since your total will be $0.00 you don’t have to enter any payment information.

Free Sample of Venture Bars

This one looks good and it’s pretty easy to request. Get a free sample of Venture Bars. Just fill out this form to get your free bars. It may take up to 2 weeks to receive, although it may take longer if you live in Canada.

Free Teddy Soft Bakes Snacks

Looks like we get to test out a new product! Get a free Chocolate OR Vanilla Filled TEDDY Soft Bakes Soft Baked Filled Snack. Click here and then claim it. It may not work via mobile. If you have trouble, try selecting desktop mode or use a computer. You can expect it in up to […]

Free Sample of Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix

Update: Update: You can also visit this link for 3 samples. Free Samples of Emergen-C, Immune+ & Emergen-Zzzz Get a free sample of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix. Fill out the easy form to get your free sample. You may get more than one, because after you complete the form it says “free samples will be […]

Free Bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips

I have a feeling this one will go fast! Get a free bag of limited edition Stacy’s pita chips. Click here to request the bag in honor of Women’s History Month. Request a limited-edition bag, and Stacy’s will donate $10 per bag to women’s organization Step Up while supplies last. Make sure to verify your […]

Free Powerbar Protein Bar

This one is really easy to get. Get a free Powerbar protein bar. Click here then click tale a pledge for a “clean start”. After that you will see “get a free clean whey bar”. Fill out the information and you are set. They will send you a free coupon for a Powerbar.

Free Noosa Yogurt

You can send it to “a friend” but you can just as easily send it to yourself. Get a free Noosa Yogurt coupon in the mail. Go here and send it to yourself or a friend. After that you will get an email where you can fill out your information.

Free Seaport Olive Oil and Vinegar

This one is another referral offer. The more people you refer the better the prize. It only takes 5 to get something. Get free Seaport Olive Oil and Vinegar. Sign up and get your referral link. Share that with your friends to get your freebies. 5 Friends = Free 60ml bottle of Seaport Olive Oil […]

Free Tom & Jenny’s Candy

I want candy! Refer some friends and you can get some freebies. Sign up to start earning great rewards like taste-testing new, not-yet-release products, $50 of free candy, and more. Click here to sign up. Once you do that share your referral link with your friends. The more people you refer the more better the […]

Domino’s Pizza Gift Card Giveaway 37,000 Winners

They have done this promotion a few times and there are always lots of winners. I usually am able to score at least a $5 gift card. Sign up for the Domino’s Pizza Text to Win Promotion for a heads up when the contest goes live. When it does the first 37,000 people who are […]

Free Sample of WowButter

This one you have to call, but just to get an order number. Get a free sample of WowButter. Call their automated line at 1-866-296-6081 to obtain a promotional code to get a sample. After that click here and enter the code and your information. You will receive two 0.50oz (14g) single serve WOWBUTTER sample […]

Free Samples of True Lemon

Did you know I first posted about free samples of True Lemon all the way back in 2008? Well they are back! Get free samples of True Lemon and True Citrus products. Visit their website and scroll down to individual request. Fill out your information and hit submit. Samples generally take 2 to 4 weeks […]

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