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Mobile Phone App – Earn Money with AdSwapper

Update: Looks like it’s still in development for Android, but works for iPhone It took me a few weeks but I got enough for redemption. I plan on keeping it on my phone, it doesn’t change anything. I just get paid for some ads I am already viewing! Earn Money with AdSwapper. You get paid […]

Real Women Talk Community – Free Amazon Gift Cards

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Calling all females! Meredith Corporation wants to hear from you! Do not miss this opportunity to help usher in dramatic change to the Media industry! Meredith Corporation has partnered with C Space to create a private online community, to […]

Free $10 in BitCoin

I’ve been interested in BitCoin for a while now and I am kicking myself for not investing sooner. If you feel the same I found a great site that is easy to use and you can even get a little bit free. Get a free $10 worth of BitCoin. Join CoinBase and buy/sell $100 worth […]

Free $5 from Empower

This one is really easy to get free money. Get $5 free from the Empower App. Simply click here and download the app. After that add your bank account. Once you do so you should get your $5. I checked back the next day and withdrew my money. It should be on the main menu […]

Safeway Select Olive Oil Class Action

I’ve gotten a lot of messages lately thanking me for posting about these class actions. People buy these products and/or qualify for the class action but have no idea about them. Get up to $2.50 in Cash or $7.50 in Safeway Vouchers per household from the Safeway Select Olive Oil Class Action. You can click […]

Free Stock Shares from Robinhood

Not too long ago T-Mobile gave away shares for free. My girlfriend qualified and was able to sell it for around $30. I thought that was a pretty nice freebie! Now that I found this one, it’s even better. You can now get free stock shares from Robinhood. You can get them from companies like […]

Align Class Action Settlement

These have been more popular, so I’ll try to keep posting these. It’s great to get some free money if you qualify. Get up to $49.26 back from the Align Class Action Settlement. If you qualify you can click here and submit the form. Class Members are able to submit a claim for two packages […]

Free $5 Cash from Acorns

I don’t want to make any ‘resolutions’ but one of my goals this year is to make and save more money. One of the ways I want to do that is to share the way I do it and help my readers do the same. Acorns helps you save money and invests it for you. […]

$50 Aveeno Class Action Rebate

After posting my last rebate check I was asked how you can claim on different settlements. I have found a few that are available if you qualify. This one is pretty easy and most likely you’ve purchased items in the timeline. Get up to $50 (or more) in the Aveeno class action settlement. If you […]

Free RushCard with $30 Bonus

Get a $30 cash bonus when you sign up for a RushCard and follow the directions correctly. First sign up through my RushCard Bonus Link. You can’t be a previous card holder to get the bonus. Choose any card design except the Sequin KLS Rushcard. That has a higher fee. Also make sure to select […]

Free $25 from WinWinSave

Looks like you can only get the $25 once so you just need to refer the 3 friends. Not sure if you get anything for referring more. Share WinWinSave with 3 friends by Feb 15th, and they’ll give you $25 for free. You’ll also skip the waitlist, and get the app when it launches, around […]

$2 Sports and Energy Drink Survey

This is an easy survey, but you do have to qualify. Do you consume Non-Protein Sports Drinks or Energy Drinks at least two times per week? If so, you may qualify for today’s study. Those who complete the survey will be paid $2.00 via PayPal. After you put in your initial info you will be […]