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Free Magazines for a Quick Survey

I just tried this one and it went through just fine! A minute or two for a free magazine of my choice was worth it! Click here to join and take the survey. Should take about 2-3 minutes to complete. After you are done you can pick which magazine you want to order. I chose […]

Free Subscription to Watch Magazine

This one is back! Get a free subscription to Watch! magazine. Click here then into your information on the page. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the delivery of your first issue.

Free Subscription to Seventeen Magazine

I get tons of free magazines every month. This is one of them! Get a free subscription to Seventeen magazine. You will get a free 2 year subscription Go here and fill out the form.

Free Magazine Subscription to US Weekly

Here is another one that is available! I love free magazine subscriptions. Get a free 18 month subscription to US Weekly magazine ($100 value). Head over to RewardsGold, select the reward you want, and then fill out the right side of the page. Expect to start receiving your free magazine subscription in 8-10 weeks.

Free Subscription to Men’s Journal

I looked and apparently I have never shared this one before! Get a free 2 year subscription to Men’s Journal. Click here and sign up for your free subscription. New subscribers only! Grab this one while it’s available!

Free Issue of Playboy Magazine

I found ANOTHER magazine offer to take advantage of. Get a FREE Issue of Playboy from Zinio. Click here to request it.

Free Subscription to Family Circle Magazine

Get a free 1 year subscription of Family Circle magazine. Just click here to fill out the form for your free subscription. After that select NO to all the offers (or yes if you choose to) and it will process the request. Allow 6-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive. Family Circle magazine is […]

Free Magazine Subscription: Martha Stewart Living

Update: This one is back again! The magazine subscriptions have been expiring fast lately, except for Parenting Magazines. Get a free magazine subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Fill out the form to get your one year subscription. These usually take about 4 weeks to start arriving. Click here for your free magazine subscription.

Free Magazine Subscription to Lego Club Jr

This one has been around a while and it’s making it’s rounds again. We feature plenty of free magazine subscriptions, so why not one for the kiddos? Get a free 2 year magazine subscription to Lego Club Jr. You have to sign up for Club Lego, but it’s pretty easy, just fill out your email […]

Free Subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine

I have only seen this offered free once before and it sold out really fast! Get a free 18 month subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Click this link and fill out the form for your free magazine. Allow about 8-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive.

Free Subscription to ESPN Magazine

This one is never free so I am excited for it, my subscription just ran out! Get a free subscription to ESPN Magazine. Fill out the form here and you will get the free magazine. You have to enter a friends name but I just put in something random. You should get your free subscription […]

Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine

This one is rarely offered free, so grab it while you can. Get a free 6 month subscription to Weight Watchers magazine. Click this link to get started. Enter in any job title and then select the magazine. Fill out the form to start receiving your free magazine. Usually takes about 4-8 weeks to start […]

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