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Free Magazines for a Quick Survey

I just tried this one and it went through just fine! A minute or two for a free magazine of my choice was worth it! Click here to join and take the survey. Should take about 2-3 minutes to complete. After you are done you can pick which magazine you want to order. I chose […]

Free Subscription to Men’s Health Magazine

This one is back, grab it while you can. It’s easy! Get a free subscription to Men’s Health Magazine. Visit this link and fill out the form to receive your free one-year subscription. You should get your first magazine in a month or so.

Free Subscription to Shape Magazine

This one never lasts long so grab it while you can! Get your 1 year free magazine subscription to Shape magazine. Just head over to Rewards Gold and fill out the form for your freebie. You do have to take a short 1 page survey. It only took me a minute or two though.

Free Subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine

I have only seen this offered free once before and it sold out really fast! Get a free 18 month subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Click this link and fill out the form for your free magazine. Allow about 8-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive.

Free Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Get your free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. The subscription is valid for one year. Click here and fill out the form for your free subscription. Your first issue should arrive in about 4-6 weeks.

Free Magazine Subscription to Cosmopolitan

I am sure this magazine will go fast, so sign-up to it ASAP. Get a free subscription 2 year subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. Fill in your name and job information to get started. Complete the form to get your free magazine. Quantities are limited! Your first issue is estimated to arrive in 8-10 weeks, but […]

Free Magazine Subscription to US Weekly

Here is another one that is available! I love free magazine subscriptions. Get a free 18 month subscription to US Weekly magazine. Head over to RewardsGold, select the reward you want, and then fill out the right side of the page. You can put whatever you want or leave it blank when they ask for […]

Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine

Update: Back again! Magazine is a sexy magazine with great covers from people like Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Olivia Wilde. Get a free year magazine subscription to Maxim Magazine. Just visit this page and fill out the form. I have been getting Maxim free for a while now, so I can definitely confirm […]

Free Magazine Subscription to Lego Club Jr

This one has been around a while and it’s making it’s rounds again. We feature plenty of free magazine subscriptions, so why not one for the kiddos? Get a free 2 year magazine subscription to Lego Club Jr. You have to sign up for Club Lego, but it’s pretty easy, just fill out your email […]

Free Subscription to OK! Magazine

Sign up here for a free one year subscription to OK! Magazine. Enjoy 52 issues. No strings attached. You’ll never receive a bill.

Free Subscription to Parents Magazine

I love getting free magazine subscriptions in the mail! I used to get this one a long time ago when my son was younger. Get free one year subscription to Parents magazine. Click here and fill out the form for your free magazine subscription. Your first magazine should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Free Subscription to Teen Vogue Magazine

Today there is a brand new free magazine offer you can sign up for. Get a free subscription to Teen Vogue Magazine. Head on over to RewardsGold and fill out the form to get your free subscription. You won’t receive a bill and generally the free magazines start arriving in your mailbox in about a […]