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Free Credit on Mercari

Update: I was just sent a $10 off coupon, so on top of your credit you could score a another free $10 off! Mobile apps have really taken off for all sorts of different things. There are several that basically are like Craigslist. Mercari is one of them. What sets them apart is that they […]

$10 Credit at Blue Bottle Coffee

Update: They currently have a bag of coffee listed at $9.50 with free shipping. After you sign up and get your $10 referral credit, the coffee will be free! No payment/credit card info required. You can get a free credit for signing up that will give you some pretty cheap coffee. Get a bag of […]

Free $3 Kindle eBooks Credit

If you like romance novels this is a great one for you. Get a Free $3 Kindle eBooks Credit towards romance novels. Simply click here to add the credit to your account. It will allow you to claim the credit. After that you can click here for Romance books and pick the book you like. […]

Free Essential Oils from Jade Bloom

This one does take some time to complete, but it will result in some free stuff. Get up to $32 in Jade Bloom credit to score free essential oils. All you have to do is follow the steps to get your free credit. It does take some time to complete each task, roughly 45 minutes. […]

10 Free 4×6 Prints

These offers have been popping up a lot lately. Sometimes you have to act fast before they expire. This one you can get once a month! Get up to 90 free 4×6 prints per month. Download the FreePrints app to get started. Make sure to enter mhenrickson2 for 5 extra prints per month. The first […]

Free $10 Credit to Schoola

Here is a great score! These never last too long so order now. You must sign up using this link to get your credit. You will get $10 in free credit. Start with this step first! You will need a credit card or Paypal to checkout even if the total is $0. You won’t be […]

Free $10 Credit to TabbedOut

Update: They are also offering 3% back on every dollar spent. If you pair that with any other rewards card you use it could be huge! I love getting free food with credits and referrals. DoorDash has been a great one to do! They deliver and you can get your first meal free or nearly […]

Free Stuff from Fancy with a Free $10 Credit

You will get a free $10 credit that can be redeemed for completely free stuff! It will even cover the cost of shipping. Get a free $10 credit to Fancy. Make sure to join with this link (you must use that link otherwise you won’t get a free credit) and confirm your email account. After […]

Free $15 Credit to Lyft

I hadn’t used any services like Lyft until recently when I went out for my birthday. I found that the trip I usually took in a taxi ($13-$15) only ended up being around $8! If you haven’t tried Lyft you can join now and get a free $15 credit. Use this link and download the […]

Free Credit to Sears/Kmart

Get $2 in free Sears/Kmart Credit. First click here to add me as a personal shopper. Make sure to sign up to an account if you don’t have one. Even if it says you aren’t a winner you get credit for entering!

Free Credit, Magnetic Keychain and Silencer Key Organizer

Refer friends to this one to get freebies! Get free credit, a free keychain, a free silencer key organizer, or all of the above. The more friends you refer the more prizes you get! Click here to get your referral link to share with friends. It only takes 5 to get something! 5 Friends = […]

Free Week of Green Chef

Update: I got my order today! Lots of items, looking forward to cooking it. Someone posted this in our Facebook group and it worked! I wanted to wait to post it until I was sure. You can get a free week of Green Chef valued at $89. First click here and sign up. Don’t order […]

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