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Free Items from Soto for Referring Friends

This is another one you need to refer friends, but they are offering some good freebies. Get a free Drawstring Bag, Purse Hook, Scarf and Shoes for referring your friends. Click here and get your referral link to share with your friends. As usual, the more referrals you get the better the prize. If you […]

Free Sample of Astroglide Lubricant

Sign-up for your free sample of Astroglide natural personal lubricant and moisturizer. The free sample is valid for the US. For other countries they have a link you can follow to request the sample, so it should be valid for most people.

Free Sample of Thierry Mugler Aura Women’s Fragrance

Be the first to try the new Mugler fragrance “Listen to your Instinct”. Get a Free Sample of Thierry Mugler Aura Women’s Fragrance. Click here to request your sample. You will receive an email to the address you provided. Click on the link in the email to confirm shipping of your sample.

Free Samples of TENA for Women

Our free samples for women are always pretty popular. Get a free sample kit with Tena briefs, pads, liners, skin care wash cream and wipes. Click here to request the kit. If you choose spouse/partner and then female you will get that kit. Available for US residents only, allow about 4 weeks for delivery.

Free Box of O.B. Tampons

This is another easy one to request! I have gotten this in the past a few times. You should be able to request it again too. Get a Free box of O.B. Tampons. If you click here and qualify you will get a free 40 count sample and/or a full-value coupon. Make sure to put […]

Free Sample of Sassy Liners

These are great sample offers to sign up for. Perfect to tuck away to keep on the go when you need them. Get a free sample kit of Sassy liners. Click here and order your free kit. It will include one regular liner, one long liner, and one thong liner. Available for US residents only.

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

A great friend and new family member, Kate, just went through cancer treatment. She lost her hair and embraced it the best she could. She also made the most of wigs and even seemed to have fun changing up her look. I am happy to say she is recovering and won’t need this particular program. […]

Free Samples of Poise

Get a free sample pack of Poise products. You can request your free sample pack with 3 different samples. There are two different offers to choose from. Offer available for US, limit one per household. Allow about 3 weeks for delivery.

Free Sample of Depend Silhouette

Try the new Silhouette and Silhouette Active fit featuring a premium cotton-line fabric that’s more breathable than ever. Get a free sample of Depend Silhouette and Silhoutte Active Fit. Click here and select yes. Fill out your name and address. You must be 45+ to qualify.

Free Sample of Rag & Bone Oddity

This one is really easy to get. The link will take you to their FB page to sign up. Get a free sample of Rag & Bone Oddity. Click here and then click sign up. A form will pop up and just input your information. That’s it!

Free Diamond Jewelry

Update: This has ended Aviva Winter is running a prelauch program for free jewelry. Get free diamond jewelry from Aviva Winter. Join here and share your referral link with your friends. You only need 5 to get something free. The more friends you refer the better the prize you win. Make sure you verify your […]

Free Samples of U by Kotex

Update: There are new samples available! This one has been advertised on TV and has been around a while. I’ve personally received this one a few times. If you are still waiting on your first freebie I would definitely request this. It doesn’t take that long to arrive. Get a free sample of U by […]