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Free Items from Soto for Referring Friends

This is another one you need to refer friends, but they are offering some good freebies. Get a free Drawstring Bag, Purse Hook, Scarf and Shoes for referring your friends. Click here and get your referral link to share with your friends. As usual, the more referrals you get the better the prize. If you […]

Free Markten Carrying Case

If you use these e-cigarettes it’s a great freebie. Get a free Markten Carrying Case. Click here and choose buy now. At checkout enter coupon code FREECASE and your total will be $0 shipped.

Free Moose Tracks Sticker or Magnet

This one is very easy to sign up for. Get a free Moose Tracks Sticker or Magnet. Click here and fill out your information. You can choose if you want a free sticker or a free magnet.

Free Products from Seed & Sprout

You need to refer friends for this, but it only takes 2 to get something free. Get free products from Seed & Sprout for referring friends. All you need to do is click here to get your referral link then share it with your friends. It takes as little as 2 to get a freebie. […]

Free Mobile Phone Service with FreedomPop

Recently I upgraded to an iPhone 7 and switched carriers. That left me with a iPhone 5s with no service. I found something to do with it! You can have a free monthly service with FreedomPop. As long as your phone uses a SIM card it will work. Request your sim card from FreedomPop. If […]

Free 90’s Items for Referring Friends

This is one of the best freebies I’ve seen in a while. Plus you have plenty of time to get your referrals. Get free 90’s items for referring your friends. Click here and enter your name and email address to get your referral link to share. The more people your refer the better the prize […]

Free Smartphone from Q Link Wireless

I shared a few of these a while ago and they were pretty popular. This one is only available for certain states but it’s worth checking out. My son has a phone like this. Get a free Smartphone from Q Link Wireless. Click here and fill out the information. Its a government program, but pretty […]

Free Pair of Sunglasses from Messy Weekend

This one you need to refer friends, but only 10! Get a free pair of sunglasses from Messy Weekend. Click here and get your referral link. Refer your friends in order to receive your free sunglasses. Hurry there are only 92 sunglasses left. Once this runs out you need to invite 20 friends!

Free Jet Lighter from Punch Cigars

People are already posting on the companies Facebook page that they received theirs! Get a Free Jet Lighter for signing up to Punch Cigars. Click here and fill out the form to receive your lighter. Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery.

Free Month of Pandora Plus and More

Update:The program is ending May 31st, 2018 so don’t forget to spend your points. It’s not too late to join! VIZIO Fandemonium is another rewards program you can earn points for free prizes. Sign up to VIZIO Fandemonium and get 10,000 points just for joining. After that you can earn more points for different (easy) […]

Free 2018 Ontario Parks Calendar

Need a calendar for this year? Get a free 2018 Ontario Parks Calendar. Click here and fill out the form. It is valid for US residents only, limit 2 per order.

Free Offer Me a Seat Button

This is a unique campaign. The button is to encourage fellow subway, bus and train riders to offer a seat to pregnant women. The other button is for disabled riders. Get a free ‘Baby on Board or ‘Offer Me a Seat’ button. Click here to request this one. You can choose which one you would […]