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Free Udder Surprise Jewelry Candle

You have to refer friends for this one. Get a free Udder Surprise jewelry candle. Click here and enter your email address. You will receive a unique link to promote to your friends. If you get 20 referrals you will get a free candle. These are filled with jewelry in the middle! Make sure to […]

Free Tactical LED Flashlight

You have to refer friends for this one, but you only need 10. Get a free Tactical LED Flashlight. Click here and enter your name and email address. After that you will get a referrallink to share with your friends. Plus the person who refers the most wins a huge outdoors bundle.

Free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

This is a great one and all you have to do is upload a picture of yourself for it. Get a free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit. Click here and upload a picture of yourself making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly. You will get a free packet that includes a notebook, a planting guide, […]

Free Redbox Movie Rentals

You can find Redbox machines almost everywhere now, there are several located within 5 minutes from my house. This post will be updated with the latest free movie rental codes valid at various Redbox locations. Use Redbox code 76GFD49A for a free DVD rental. Can only be redeemed online, valid through 4/1! Don’t forget you […]

Possible Freebies from AquaGenie

This one is a little confusing. It says you can “win” but after you sign up it says they will give you a reward for getting so many points. We’ll have to see! Get freebies from AquaGenie. Click here to register and start earnings points. You can comment, refer, like, follow, and more for points. […]

Free Personalized Stationery Set

This is a great free gift to claim. You can personalize it with your own initials. Get a Free Personalized Stationery Set. Register or login to your account to claim your gift. You should see the banner to click after you sign in. Allow 6-8 weeks for your gift to be shipped. This is a […]

Free Shirt or Gameball

You need to refer your friends for this one, but it only takes 5! Get a free t-shirt or gameball. Click here and enter your name and email. You will then get your referral link to promote. Apparently these gameballs are valued at $100! 5 friends = Free Play Impossible T-Shirt 10 friends = Free […]

Free Gift from Adult Swim

Last year we got a Christmas tree air freshener. Lets see what it is this time. Get a free gift from Adult Swim. Click here and fill out the form. THERE ARE POPUPS but they are supposed to be there. Its VERY annoying and it took me a few minutes to finally fill out the […]

Free Grillaholics Wristband

Very easy one to request! Get a free Grillaholics wristband. Simply click here and click on the image. You can then fill out the form to claim your freebie.

Free Pair of Tweezers and Pumice Stone

This one is a referral offer, but you only need 10 to get your freebie. Get a free pair of Tweezers and a Free Pumice Stone. Click here and enter your email address. After that it will give you a referral link to share with your friends. Once you get 10 you will get your […]

Free Virtual Reality Google Cardboard Viewer

Did you know these are $15 if you buy it from Google?! Get a free VR Google Cardboard Viewer. Just click this link and fill out the form, that’s it! I got a VR for Christmas and they are definitely fun to play with.

Free Pack of Wildflower Seeds

Another free pack of seeds for planting! Get a free pack of Wildflower seeds from Cheerios. I love this type of freebie since it definitely calls to an important cause! Click here and fill out the short form to request your free sample packet. There are others you can request as well: Free Garden Seed […]

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