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Free Mobile Phone Service with FreedomPop

Recently I upgraded to an iPhone 7 and switched carriers. That left me with a iPhone 5s with no service. I found something to do with it! You can have a free monthly service with FreedomPop. As long as your phone uses a SIM card it will work. Request your sim card from FreedomPop. If […]

Free Heart Bracelet

This is the same one giving away the free sunglasses. They started that promotion only 3 weeks ago so be patient. In the meantime you can sign up for another one. Get a free heart bracelet. Add it to your cart and checkout. Shipping is free and no credit card needed. You will be sent […]

Free Speaker or Lantern

Grab this one while it’s still available. Get a free speaker or lantern. Register or login to your account. Vote for annnnnny of the projects. Once you do that you can claim your free gift. Choose between the speaker or lantern. Allow approximately 3 – 6 weeks for your gift to be delivered.

Free 2017 Snort Calendar

This one looks pretty cool! I looked at some of the past ones they offered. Get a free 2017 Snort calendar. Fill out this survey and you will be sent one. It should only take a minute or two to complete. Allow 3-6 weeks for shipping.

Free Seeds and More from Eddy

I definitely don’t have a green thumb, but these products may help me. Get free seeds, plant food, and even a hydro system for referring friends. Eddy is a device that helps you grow plants. Join here and grab your link to refer your friends. You only need 5 for a freebie. 5 Friends = […]

Free Video Game Rental From Redbox

If you didn’t know Redbox has started offering video game rentals in their kiosk machines. Right now they are offering a free rental. Get a free video game rental at Redbox machines. Register or login to your Certifikid account. You will be able to get a free rental voucher! If you are new to Redbox […]

Free Redbox Movie Rental

You can find Redbox machines almost everywhere now, there are several located within 5 minutes from my house. This post will be updated with the latest free movie rental codes valid at various Redbox locations. Text the word PUSH to 727272 for a free DVD rental. Valid with the Redbox app or online. I have […]

Free Waterproof Cell Phone Bag

Today we have a brand new freebie. This one seems pretty cool I don’t have anything like this for my phone. Get a free waterproof cell phone bag. Register or login to your account and vote for one of the choices. After you vote for your first time you can claim your prize. Limit one […]

Free Offer Me a Seat Button

This is a unique campaign. The button is to encourage fellow subway, bus and train riders to offer a seat to pregnant women. The other button is for disabled riders. Get a free ‘Baby on Board or ‘Offer Me a Seat’ button. Click here to request this one. You can choose which one you would […]

10 Free 4×6 Prints

These offers have been popping up a lot lately. Sometimes you have to act fast before they expire. This one you can get once a month! Get up to 90 free 4×6 prints per month. Download the FreePrints app to get started. Make sure to enter mhenrickson2 for 5 extra prints per month. The first […]

Free Hustle Swag

This is another one you can refer your friends to for free stuff. This one has some great prizes! Get free Hustle Swag for referring your friends. Click here and sign up. They will send you a confirmation email you have to verify. You will also get your link to become an ‘ambassador’. For referring […]

Free Cigar Tube

I have gotten one of these in the past and they are available again. Get a free cigar tube. Register or login to your account for your freebie. You should see a place to sign up when you log in. Submit your quote to get it, you can put anything. Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for […]

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