Cheap Accessories for HP TouchPad

There were hundreds of thousands of shoppers who were lucky enough to score the HP TouchPad this past weekend for $99 or $149.  However, many shoppers did not purchase accessories to protect their TouchPad.  Luckily, there are some excellent deals on accessories.  Anyone who got a TouchPad should strongly consider purchasing these accessories to protect their tablet from scratches, dents and dings.


The HP TouchPad Custom Fit case is perfect for anyone who wants to hold the TouchPad or have their tablet propped up on the desktop.  This is the case that HP recommends on their website.   Amazon allows you to purchase the case for less than the HP website is currently selling the case for.  This case is made by HP and is custom designed for the device.  Best of all, the case allows you to carry, protect and use your tablet where ever you are.

The HP TouchPad Mini Sleeve is another option to protect the TouchPad from dings, scratches and other damage.  The sleeve is designed specifically for the TouchPad and is less expensive than other cases that are currently available.

Screen Protectors

The ArmorSuit Military Shield screen protectors are an excellent choice for individuals who want the maximum protection for their tablet.  These screen protectors reduce grease and finger prints.  They also protect against scratches, punctures as well as other damage.  They are also backed by a lifetime warranty.  This means that if you ever have any problems with your screen protectors, you get a new screen protector free.


The HP TouchPad has a unique exhibition feature.  The HP TouchStone Charging Dock is the dock that is required by the TouchPad to take advantage of this feature.  When the TouchPad is connected to a dock, it will automatically charge as well as show in exhibition mode.  This means that users can use their TouchPad to show off pictures or even to display their Facebook.

Wireless Keyboard

The HP TouchPad has a unique on screen keyboard.  However, if you are like me you might enjoy using a traditional keyboard to increase your typing speed and efficiency.  The HP TouchPad wireless keyboard syncs to the TouchPad through Bluetooth wireless technology.  This keyboard is ultra slim too!  Only one inch think and has the capability of being easily carried in a brief case, book bag or laptop bag with your TouchPad.


SquareTrade is offering a two year warranty on the HP TouchPad.  While HP does offer a one year manufacturers warranty, it does not cover accidental damage.  IAFO readers can score an excellent deal by visiting SquareTrade.  Click the get a warranty button on the homepage and then go through the prompts.  Once you go through the prompts by entering the price you paid for the HP TouchPad they will tell you that a two year warranty with accidental damage is $99.99.  However, IAFO readers just need to enter the code THIRTY30 in the coupon field to get the same warranty for just $69.99.

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