Cheapest Dad in the World

Cheapest Dad in the World

My son has always been pretty funny and I feel he should have his own reality show. He says very weird things for his age (turns 5 next week). Today I was dubbed the Cheapest Dad in the World. I’ve never heard him say anything like that before, so it caught me by surprise.

The Story

I’ve had a Blockbuster Total Access account for a while now. The only reason I keep it is because I got in two years ago when they were new and the plans were awesome. In my plan we also get one free video game rental per month.

Today we printed out the coupon (expired soon) and went to get a game for the PS3. After we picked out Spiderman we went to check out. The coupon wasn’t scanning… I guess we used it already.

So I told him we would wait on the game and get it in a few days with our new coupon, or so I thought he heard me.

Where’s my game?

We didn’t get the game, I told you. We used the coupon when mom went out of town on Star Wars remember? So in a few days when we get our new coupon we can come back and rent Spiderman.


Because Daddy is not spending $9.79 to rent a video game for a few days when we can buy it for $40.

“You Are the Cheapest Dad in the World.”

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