Cheerios Cereal con Cariño

With school back in session it can be hard to get together in the morning for breakfast. In our house it’s usually chaos so we grab something to go. However my son loves cereal and can eat it anytime of the day!

Our routine is usually after school but it includes cereal, usually our Cheerios! This month we are celebrating Cereal con Cariño or cereal with love.

Cereal con Cariño

Cereal con Cariño is an exclusive 4-part video series featuring El Guzi as the host. El Guzi is known for his creative takes on recipes. His approach is fun for the whole family. His recipes are guaranteed to be the highlight of any party or family gathering.

Make sure to check out the Cereal con Cariño video series and recipes.

Cheerios Coupon

Of course we love sharing coupons and deals with you to save money. General Mills feels the same and they are offering a coupon!

You can download a $1 off coupon for General Mills Cereal

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