Cheerios “Live” Giveaway

Update: I didn’t expect to get 200 comments in just an hour or two so I closed this tonight. I will chose a winner tomorrow morning ! 🙂 The prize is for cheerios, books, and a $25 B&N Gift Card. Bre is the winner.

Our Cheerios giveaway has closed and I have since drawn TWO winners and neither have claimed the prize. They are no longer eligible to win.

I am going to give you all another shot, I want to find the winner and get this one closed up. We have more contests ready and I want to keep them coming and close the year up on a strong note. Our website traffic is down with everyone so busy, so I want to offer you guys some great stuff!

Tomorrow I am going to the San Diego Chargers football game. Once I get back this quick contest will be CLOSED. This will be different than we usually do, something more like Amazon giveaways we’ve been doing.

Rules and Entry

You can comment as many times as you like, however you cannot comment back to back. Any entries like that will be deleted.

Please enter complete sentences, not just jibbery words. Feel free to ask questions, answer peoples comments, just have fun.

I have chosen a number, the comment with that # will win and I will email them asking for their information. Make sure to comment with a valid email PLEASE!

Don’t worry if your comment goes to moderation, I will approve it.

After the # has been reached I will close the comments, so you know it’s over.

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