Costco Membership + $20 Gift Card + Valuable Coupons only $45

LivingSocial Deals!

LivingSocial has an AMAZING deal going on where you can score a great Costco bundle for just $45. If you already have an account is $55.

Sign up to LivingSocial to get $10 deal bucks. You can then search for the deal and sign up for it.

You’ll see that the package includes a 1 year Costco Gold Star Membership, $20 Costco Gift Card, a Free 72 Pack AA Batteries, Free Pizza & Free Organic Tortilla Chips. There is also another great Costco deal scenario that includes eBates.

Order through Ebates and get a Free $10 GIFT CARD + 3% CASH BACK

Create a new Ebates account and select which $10 gift card you want. In order to get your gift card your order total must be over $25.

In the search box on the top of the page type in LivingSocial, click on it when it pops up, then click on the button and go to the LivingSocial site. Once on the LivingSocial Site in the search bar type in Sam’s Club.

Purchase the deal and you are done. Click under my vouchers to get the voucher. Your order will be processed by LivingSocial as usual. Ebates will send you your $10 Gift Card in about 2 months and also your check for $1.65.

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