CVS 101


Now that you are more experienced at couponing, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the drugstores.  Let’s start with my personal favorite, CVS.

The first thing you need to do is register for an ExtraCare card on-line or in-store .

While you are on-line, go ahead and create an account.  You can sign up to receive emails which will include valuable offers & coupons.

When you enter the store, scan your CVS card at the Coupon Center – you will receive store coupons here. You can stack these coupons with manufacturer coupons to maximize the deal.

Next, I suggest you purchase the Green Bag Tag for 99 cents. Put it on your green bag and have it scanned every time you shop. You will receive $1 Extra Buck for every 4 transactions.

Extra Bucks are coupons that print on your receipt. For example, this week if you purchase $25 in select P & G products, you will receive $10 in Extra Bucks. You can use these toward your next purchase.

Once you are ready to checkout, lay your green bag, CVS card, and green bag tag on the counter. Then, lay your items on the counter.

Wait until all the items have been scanned and begin handing over your coupons, one at a time.

If you have a $/$ coupon ($3/$15), hand this over first.  If you have more than one $/$, you can split your orders into multiple transactions to minimize your OOP cost. In my experience, the $/$ were plentiful for the first couple of months. Unfortunately, I no longer receive them.

Hand over any other store/manufacturer coupons and finally, present your Extra Bucks (guard these like cash)! Pay any remaining OOP costs.

Don’t forget about the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club!

There is also a relatively new program for diabetics called the ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes.

Benefits of this program include:

1. Double Bucks on 100+ products

2. Special ExtraCare rewards and offers

3. ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes e-newsletter

4. Free membership

Please comment with any other CVS tips I may have missed.

By Emily Browning

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