Diapers.Com Deal and Coupon Code

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I’ve never ordered on Diapers.com, but recently I have been getting some of their sales and deals. It looks like a pretty popular site to save money on!

They just started a new sale I wanted to mention for new buyers! It’s a great way to stack up on some diapers, or buy the next size up in advance.

Visit Diapers.com and put add the diapers you want to your cart. At checkout enter coupon code AFF15FALL to get 15% off, fall sale prices, and free shipping on orders over $49!

To test out the kind of deal I could get, I put two boxes of Pampers (252 count) for $89.98. Applying the coupon code and e-coupon that was available, it knocked the price down to $75.21. Checking around other sites and what I used to buy (100 count for about $30) so I thought this was definitely worth sharing!

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