Dinty Moore and Hormel Chili

Recently we announced Hormel and Dinty Moore’s 75th anniversary with a great contest. Many people shared their favorite recipes and food they eat with their products.

I’m pretty easy when it comes to chili. I just top my hotdogs with hormel chili (with beans!) and I’m happy. However many people had some unique recipes or creations. A lot of people like it on hot dog and french fries like me, but one of our readers, Krystal, makes chili pizza.

Her recipe for chili dog pizza is just to use chili instead of pizza sauce, and instead of pepperonis cut up hot dogs! Add cheddar cheese and onions, then top with mustard when you serve! How creative.

While the main thing seems to remain to be the classic chili, Hormel has several newer brands that sounds great. The new premium Hormel Chili Master varieties features one with white chicken chili and roasted tomato. Instead of trying to create new recipes with your standby chili, they are doing it for you.

Dinty Moore is also following suit with their Dinty Moore HeartyMeals.

Would your rather experiment with your own recipes or try the new Hormel and Dinty Moore products?

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

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