Dr Oz Freebie Winners

As many of you know the Dr Oz Freebies were loaded with people. About 24 hours before the promotion started it basically went viral and appeared on tons of websites.

I would have to assume there was 50,000-100,000+ people trying to access the free offers at one time. That would explain why the promotion went a bit… less than smooth.

We got probably 1,000 hits on that posting, just from search engines alone!

Our Winners

All hope wasn’t lost, many of our readers were able to snag a few prizes. Yesterday several people posted on our Facebook wall that they were notified they got the $50 Target Gift Card!

Target Winner

Below I listed some of the winners who got these prizes:

Skechers Shape-Ups (15): Cassie McCabe , Candace Trino, Samantha Goldstein, Caryn Diaz, Dawn Brandt, Christi Lovett, Susan Vaughn, Kristina Smith, Dana Beck, Melissa Hooton, April Johnson, Suzie Holdridge, Tami Kline, Melissa Salsberry, Jessica Miller

$50 Target Gift Card (30): John Burden, Melissa Weiss, Melissa Mood, Rachel Davidowitz, Katie McRae, Liz Egbert, Jamie Hayes, Heather Nebel, Shannon Boyce, Melissa Sparks, Katie Klein (+her hubby!), Teresa Harvey, Rachel Bedard, Kate Berreth, Harmony Kuss, Elizabeth Joho, Patty Batchelor, Michelle Alexander, Diane Ferreira, Lexi Suby, Melissa Salsberry, Lindsey Allen, Cassandra Moore, Nicole Vail, Kimberly Calvo, Layna Buckley, Sarra Wheeler, Marcy Kumi, Joe Miele

free night at a Holiday Inn Hotel (5): Nicole Saleh, Taryn Young, Nikki Bergin, Theresa Harnar, Joe Miele

60 count bottle of Schiff MegaRed (7): Krista Boutilier, Liz Egbert, Katie Klein, Jennifer Oliver, Elizabeth Joho, Melissa Salsberry, Marcy Kumi,

free eye exam from Pearl Vision (3): Melanee Fabrbri, Melissa Salsberry, Joe Miele,

free 90-day membership to 24Hour Fitness (12): Kellie Plasterer, Nicole Saleh, Crystal Whitt, Kristina Smith, Harmony Kuss, Natalie Rivera, Leah Walker, April Johnson, Cassandra Moore, Roberta Hallahan, Gwyn Stalkfleet, Sarra Wheeler,

Those are just the people that told us they won, I am sure many more of our readers were winners! Congrats to everyone who got a great prize.

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