Earn Money with Grocery Receipts

Getting cash back from grocery receipts is getting more and more popular. I have added a few more to this list as these apps continue to pop up!

On top of sales, deals, and coupons you can also earn money or cash back on your grocery purchases with your receipts. I’ve been saving mine and I have earned a few bucks already. Don’t forget to download Shopkick, you can get enough points for a free $2 Target gift card for signing up.

After you are done shopping you can take a picture of your receipt and submit it for $.

ibotta app rewards

Ibotta is probably the easiest one to make money with, it has the most rebates and stores from the apps I have found.

You can join here and download it to your phone. After that sign up and redeem a rebate to get a bonus $5. They also offer more bonuses the more rebates you redeem throughout each month.

Ibotta’s $10 welcome bonus for new users. New users will have the chance to boost their initial earnings with an extra $10 when they redeem 10 or more unique rebates worth $0.25 or more within the first 30 days of registering.

checkout51 rewards

This one is a bit different because it is more BRAND specific rather than stores. With Ibotta the item has to be from a certain store for the most part. With Checkout51 it can be from ANY store.

Join now and you will get a $1 bonus when signing up and other bonuses as well.

This one is available for both US and Canada residents and a smartphone is NOT required.

Receipt Hog

Again this one is different than the others as well. It will take a receipt from any grocery store and award you coins or spins based on the receipt.

The more coins you earn the better prizes you can get and the more spins you get the better chance you have of winning better prizes.

For every member you refer you are also rewarded with bonus spins. Join now and enter in referral code pral2826 to get bonus spins after you submit your first receipt!

Fetch Rewards – You can earn points every time you shop for a brand or a special offer. There are 196 brands listed right now so I am sure you are buying one of them!

When signing up to Fetch Rewards use promo code Q3DDD and get 1,500 when you upload your first receipt. That is $1.50 and you only need 3,000 points to get your first reward ($3 Amazon Gift Card)

They just gave me 2,000 points just for having the app. That is equal to $2!


This one doesn’t have the largest selection, but it has become a favorite of mine.

First you need to click here and download Mobisave. Once you open it you will see different offers you can redeem. Even some that will give you 100% cash back! Recently I got some Zest body wash for free.

The best feature about MobiSave is once they approve your receipt you are paid out instantly over Paypal! No waiting until you reach a certain amount.

It’s not store specific either so it counts when you buy the items listed regardless of the store you are shopping at.

Shrink Rewards

I love all these apps and I found ANOTHER one. This one is unique with the way you can refer your friends to get cash back and earn rewards for it.

First download Shrink Rewards. You can download it on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. After you sign up can enter my referral code IAFO. Make sure to put the promo code for each one to get the bonus.

After you unlock the different brands you can get exclusive rewards like cash back and $ off. Some of the brands let you earn points by tweeting and you can redeem for cash back as well.

Once you reach $20 total you can redeem your cash via Paypal.

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