Earn Prizes Online With Swag Bucks


Update: Use code ITSALLFREE70 when you are signing up for an additional 70 swagbucks!

Here are you codes for the rest of the weekend:

We share great free samples with you, but we can’t pay you to use a search engine, trade in old phones, or games. But Swag Bucks can, in the form of prizes.

Swag Bucks

Just for installing their toolbar and searching, you can get Swag Bucks. For trading in old phones, games, or systems you can get Swag Bucks. For participating on their website you can get Swag Bucks.

But, what are Swag Bucks?

Every time you earn a “Swag Buck” you are closer to redeeming them for prizes. The prizes range anywhere from $5 gift cards to a PS3, GPS, and $500 gift cards.

We aren’t thinking that big, but we are looking to earn some bucks for prizes (like gift cards for Freebie Friday!). Any prizes we earn will then be given away as contest prizes.

Join Now

Search & WinIf this is something that interests you, join now under my referral link. That means that every time you get a “Search&Win” buck, so will I (up to your first 100).

I’ve been able to give back those prizes that I earn by hosting multiple Amazon $5 gift card giveaways.

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