Economic Changes in Last Couple of Years

Although economic experts claim that US economy is constantly improving, ordinary families do not see things the same way. Obviously, these changes are more on macroeconomic plan and less on micro plan. Specialists from California Numismatic Investments believe that things have in fact become worse as more and more people are trying to find ways to protect their family and invest into secure financial instruments such as gold and platinum coins.

As it usually goes in case of recession, first thing that families eliminate is traveling. According to official data, number of people traveling abroad has decreased significantly. Even those who choose to leave their home city, usually decide to go someplace else in America. Furthermore, Canada and Mexico have become exotic destination for most middle class families. But, that is not all. As it seems, people are driving car less. This is perhaps the most shocking discovery given how important cars and car driving is for American identity. We were always proud of vastness of our country and ability to explore it. Today, individuals use public transportation as a way to commute and travel throughout the city.

Since the beginning of recession, we have cut most of unnecessary costs. Families are giving less money for home appliances and electronics. Same goes for clothing. Casual shopping on Sunday morning has become thing of the past. Instead families are willing to purchase dresses and pants in second hand stores instead. But, as it seems, computers and similar devices are still managing somehow. This is probably due to young generations that are very technologically aware and will rather choose mobile and computer devices than any other luxury.

Housing and constructions were destroyed due to crisis. This trend persists up to this day. Most families will rather choose to rent then take loan in order to purchase home. This shouldn’t surprise us given everything that happened during the crisis. Similarly, all related companies have taken a big hit and it still remains to be seen when industry will bounce back.

But, even with all economic and financial problems, citizens of our country are significantly cutting on junk food. Due to enormous health care issues and high medical prices, we are much more willing to prevent potential issues than suffer from them. As a result, most of us have become more aware of our body and diet. This could have been expected sooner than later given high number of cardiovascular and other diseases connected to our diet. Because of this, we can expect improvement of agricultural system and bigger profits for entire industry.

Ecological solutions are also very popular. Majority of the companies have realized that by using clean energy, they are not only able to save money but also build relationships with their consumers. Same goes for our people, especially those living in southern countries, who prefer having solar panels instead of paying for pricey electricity. Seeing how the economy is going, this is much needed solution that was introduced at a proper time.

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