Filippo Berio Olive Oil Settlement

filippo class action
These are always popular, but you have to BE PATIENT. They do not pay out until after the claim is closed. Even then it will take a few months at least for a check to be cut.

Get between $2-$5 if you purchased Filippo Berio Olive Oil between May 2010 and June 2015. If you claim 1-4 bottles you will get at least $2 and claim up to $10 for 5. This is the most you can claim without a proof of purchase.

If you do have a proof of purchase you can claim as many as you have proof for.

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You can submit a claim by May 2, 2017. That means this will not be paid out for a while!

“Plaintiff alleges that by marketing the Products as “Imported from Italy,” Defendant caused people to purchase the Products who would not otherwise have done so. It also contends that the Products were sold at a higher price than they would have been sold without the phrase “Imported from Italy.” The complaint seeks to recover, on behalf of a class of all natural persons (other than re-sellers) the dollar volume of extra sales, and the dollar amount of the “premium” price, that is attributable to the alleged misrepresentations. Plaintiff contends that, based on her economics expert’s regression analysis, the retail “premium” attributable to the representation averages approximately $0.34 per bottle.

Defendant denies that it did anything wrong, that consumers overpaid for the Products, or that there is any legal entitlement to any form of monetary relief.”

You can also claim up to $15 in the Johnson and Johnson settlement.

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