Food and Food Storage Freebies

Daily Bread

We are getting so many new freebie submissions on Facebook, it’s hard to keep up. In this case I am just doing a quick round-up for you to check out.

Free Sample of Bee Pollen – It’s bee pollen, not honey, so I’m not exactly sure what you would do with it, but it’s free. Apparently good for you too. Get your free sample.

Free Sample of Persimmon Tea – Tea freebies are always popular offers. This natural herbal tea should be a good one. Limit one sample per household. Get your free sample.

To store all of your food freebies, there are two food storage freebies you can sign up for. Golden Harvest has a basic form where you can submit for a freebie.

Another offer is Daily Bread where you can also request a food storage sample. Limited to one sample per household.

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