Free $10 in BitCoin

I’ve been interested in BitCoin for a while now and I am kicking myself for not investing sooner. If you feel the same I found a great site that is easy to use and you can even get a little bit free.

Get a free $10 worth of BitCoin. Join CoinBase and buy/sell $100 worth of BitCoin. Once you do we both get a $10 bonus.

This site seems to be one of the most popular to use from my research.

I know $100 is a lot but this is climbing like crazy and I want to make some of this money that they are getting!

I want to keep track of this investment so it may convince you too.

BitCoin Pricing Since Investing

I purchased $100 worth of BitCoin on 12/6 at 12:44PM (which equals 0.00751616 BTC) . This is my personal chart keep track of the value since the purchase.

Purchased at the exchange rate of $13,304.67 / BTC (value $100)

Value on 12/6 at 5:17PM $14,389.66 / BTC (value $108.15)
Value on 12/8 at 1:31PM $16,211.68 / BTC (value $121.84)
Value on 12/13 at 2:13pm $16,918.02 / BTC (value $127.15)

I will continue to update this post as it increases!

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