Free $20 Bonus from NetSpend

The $30 Rushcard bonus offer is still going, plus there is more free money you can claim!

Get a free $20 loaded on a free NetSpend prepaid visa card. First you need to sign up with this link and request your card. That should take about 7-10 business days to receive it in the mail.

Load $40 on to the card and you will get a $20 bonus. There is no fee in doing this! You can send over $40 from your Paypal, bank account, or the other options they have.

Once you load the $40 the $20 is added free within 2 business days. After that you can go to the ATM and get your $60 out if you’d like!

Note: There is an Account Inactivity Fee of $5.95 if your card has no activity for 90 days. After you get your free money, if you don’t want to use the account I suggest closing it

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