Free 2011 Calendars

oriental calendar

The list of free calendars is growing, so I thought I would put them all in one place.

American Muscle – Join their newsletter to get a free 2011 American Muscle Calendar. Looks like there are going to be some “babes” in this one!

Preferred Airparts – Request your free 2011 calendar.

Free 2011 DeLallo Calendar – We mentioned this one before, but added it to the list anyways. Get your free 2011 DeLallo calendar with coupons and recipes!

Great Ontario Outdoor Adventure Calendar 2011 – Usher in each month and celebrate the changing seasons with fantastic photography capturing the beauty of Ontario’s outdoors in this FREE full-color 28-page calendar.

Range Riders Appointment Calendar – Get a personalized appointment calendar.

2011 Noisy Planet Calendar – Currently sold out, but you can request two free posters instead. (Keep checking back for the free calendar)

Free Eat Better America Calendar – I haven’t seen too many of their freebies in a while, but here is the latest one! You must be a new member (so try another email).

Free Betty Crocker Calendar – This is from the same one as above, but still a little different.

Free Oriental Trading Calendar – Some people who got this last year said it was a pretty nice calendar, so don’t miss out on it. Available for US and CAN.

Free Rainbow Calendar – This one is actually an 18 month calendar, so it makes it better than the other two!

Which calendar are you looking forward to receiving?

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