Free Essential Oils from Jade Bloom

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This one does take some time to complete, but it will result in some free stuff.

Get up to $32 in Jade Bloom credit to score free essential oils. All you have to do is follow the steps to get your free credit. It does take some time to complete each task, roughly 45 minutes.

First click here and sign up. You should see a “log in” button on the top right. Click that and create your account.

After that enroll in The University and complete all 4 courses. Score 100% on each to earn up to 8,000 points. Here is an answer key you can use to help save some time!

Once you have complete all you can shop. Click here and add up to $32 worth of products. Apply your points at checkout and you should only have to pay a small fee ($0.05?),

$32 of FREE product is reserved once per unique household potentially worth 8 free bottles.

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