Free $5 in Stock from Stockpile

I love these type of offers that allow you to not only earn money, but invest it in something as well.

Get a free $5 in stock on Stockpile. Simply click here and choose which stock you would like. Since it’s $5, you will most likely get a partial stock.

I chose Amazon and got 0.00524 shares. You can select any company you would like, there are tons to choose from.

It takes about 24 hours to add the free stock to your account. Make sure to confirm your email and follow the steps.

Once you receive your stock you can do with it as you wish. Keep it in your account or sell it. Whenever you do choose to sell you can link your bank account to get your money.

One of our readers wanted to cash out and didn’t have a bank account. She contacted support and they are mailing her a check instead.

Stitch Fix Stock

For a limited time new and existing users can claim an additional $5 in free stock for Stitch Fix. If you are a new user, make sure to sign up with my link above.

After you sign up with that link, click here and claim your $5 stock of Stitch Fix. I just was able to claim it in my account!

I was also able to claim $5 in Amazon! click here and claim your $5 stock of Amazon.

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