Free $5 Target Gift Card from Swift Shopper

swift shopper
If you have Google Play or Apple Apps you can snag a free $5 Target gift card with a small amount of work!

First download Swift Shopper on Google Play or iTunes. I included the links to the apps so you can find it faster! If you are on your mobile device just search for it.

After you checkout, empty your cart and there will be a share now button. Press share and post about how you like it. Make sure to make your post public!

After you do so send the Swift Shopper App Facebook page with your email address to get a $5 Target e-gift card.

The offer ends after 2,000 shares! Click here for all the information.

Plus you will be entered to win one of 10 Target gift cards.

swift shopper
I already received my gift card! This may take up to a few hours or so depending on how long it takes Target to send them out.

target gift card

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